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Young Leaders Program 2023 Panelists

Young Leaders Program 2023 Panelists

1. Panelist: Ms. Kate Sylvia Clayton

Institution/Organization: La Trobe Asia


Kate Clayton is a Senior Coordinator at La Trobe Asia and a graduate research student at La Trobe University. Her research focuses on security and climate change in the Indo-Pacific. 

At La Trobe Asia, Kate supports the university’s Asia engagement, Blue Security program and researches Australia and Asia. For Blue Security, Kate coordinates regional dialogues, publications and early career research programs.  Blue Security engages with and facilitates high-quality research on Indo-Pacific maritime security issues.

Kate’s work has been published in The Conversation, Lowy Institute, Council of Geostrategy, UWA Defence & Security Institute, 9DashLine and more. Australian and global media have interviewed her on Indo-Pacific security issues. Kate was formerly a sessional academic at the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University, and COO at Young Australians in International Affairs. 

Kate holds a Master of International Relations from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of International Relations from La Trobe University. 

2. Panelist: Mr. Jeffaya Amadeo Basen

Institution/Organization: Universitas Brawijaya


Jeffaya is an International Relations (IR) graduate with a focus on defense and foreign aid. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Universitas Brawijaya while actively engaging in IR college organizations and international competitions. His professional journey includes serving as a linguist and communication specialist with various foreign armed forces participating in joint exercises with the Indonesian TNI. 

Additionally, he organized health-oriented social campaigns in Malang under a prominent ASEAN-based think tank. Jeff has also authored research journals that delve into the characteristics of Chinese foreign aid in a post-pandemic world. Presently, he aspires to broaden his research to encompass non-traditional security topics, such as food security, environmental damage, and overfishing, amidst the escalating situation in the South China Sea region. He firmly believes that while traditional security remains a priority for state decision-makers, it’s the non-traditional concerns that significantly impact individuals and societies.

3. Panelist: Mr. Nicolas Czar Basilio Antonio

Institution/Organization: University of the Philippines Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea


Nicolas Antonio is a research assistant at the University of the Philippines Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea, the Philippines’ national center for independent research and policy studies on maritime matters. 

He is taking up his Juris Doctor degree at the University of the Philippines, where he previously graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, cum laude. His research interests include comparative constitutional law, intra-state conflicts, and military history. 

4. Panelist: Ms. Karen See


As an advocate of environmental sustainability since college, Ms. See has a background in economics and extensive experience in providing strategic direction and managerial support regarding coastal and marine resource management in Asia and the Pacific, especially in terms of bilateral and multilateral relations, legal and policy formulation, investment planning, project development and management, research, impact monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management, and capacity-building. 

She served as the Secretariat Coordinator of Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA), an intergovernmental organization that coordinates the development and implementation of laws, policies, state cooperation, research, training, and projects on sustainable ocean economy in 11 countries in Asia and the Pacific, and previously, as a Research Assistant and Economic Development Specialist (focused on the coastal and marine sector) at the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), the central planning ministry of the Philippines.

5. Panelist: Ms. Nguyen Trinh Tam Hien

Institution/Organization: Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam


Nguyen Trinh Tam Hien is a senior student at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, majoring in International Relations. She is the President of the DAV’s Research Club for Students and concurrently serves as an intern at the East Sea (South China Sea) Institute. Her researches focus on major power relations, regional security structure and foreign policy. 

6. Delegate: Ms. Dinh Thi Tung Lam

Institution/Organization: Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam


Dinh Thi Tung Lam is a senior student at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam with a major in International Law. Her academic interests gravitate towards the field of law of the sea, dispute resolution mechanisms, and international law of global peace and security. As a panelist of YLP 2023, Tung Lam aspires to gain fresh insights and diverse viewpoints from fellow panelists, academics, and seasoned professionals.

7. Delegate: Mr. Trinh Ngoc Minh Quan

Institution/Organization: Fulbright University Vietnam


Quan is a dedicated student at Fulbright University Vietnam, with a passion for international relations. He has actively engaged in various international exchange programs, debate, Model United Nations, and social projects. With his experience, Quan is excited to contribute to the dialogue surrounding the complex dynamics of the South China Sea region and exploring potential avenues for peaceful resolution.

8. Delegate: Mr. Than Nguyen Viet Hoang

Institution/Organization: Service Centre for Da Nang Foreign Affairs, Da Nang Department of Foreign Affairs


Hoang is a graduate from University of Foreign Language Studies – University of Da Nang, majoring in International Studies with a specialization in International Relations. He earned an Excellent-ranked Bachelor’s Degree in July 2023. Currently, he is working as an interpreter – translator at Service Center for Da Nang Foreign Affairs, Da Nang Department of Foreign Affairs. His research interests consist of Viet Nam – Japan relations; Diplomatic Policies of Viet Nam, Japan, China and other ASEAN countries; maritime security challenges in IndoPacific region. He has published in the Summary record of National Conference of UFLSUD and Regional Management Research Institute Annual Report of Aomori Chuo Gakuin University – Japan.